Course image Employment Development Coordinator
Online Training Outlines

This training guide is designed to be completed over a six week period. It is important to stay on task throughout the training period and in a satisfactory manner. Do not hesitate to ask questions of your trainer or supervisor at anytime, to ensure clarity of function or process. A list of the resource materials you will need to complete your training is provided below.

Course image Moodle Training for Teachers
Online Training Outlines

Image In this training teachers will learn the following: 

  • How to navigate Moodle, set up their teaching space, and give access to their students
  • Discover the best ways to display teaching materials and track learner progress
  • Encourage discussion, collaboration and other interactivity in their Moodle course
  • Explore automatic and manual grading in Moodle, including quizzes and assignments
  • Ensure all students feel comfortable accessing your course materials whatever their backgrounds and personal learning needs 
  • Learn techniques to engage and maintain the motivation of your students
  • Explore how Moodle can help you support and give feedback to your students