This is the capstone class for the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management program. This course offers the student a comprehensive survey of material needed to draft a full business plan, including accounting, finance, management, marketing, and business law, as well as lessons learned during the cohort collaboration. In this course students will fully develop the business plan for his/her new venture in preparation for presentation to investors for funding.

Prerequisites: BUS 122, BUS 130, BUS 150

This is the capstone class for the Human Resource Management program. This course details the methods for reconciling HR activities against the purpose and goals of the company. This course offers student a comprehensive survey of material needed to draft a full human resource plan, including job design, recruitment & selection, training & development, rewards & recognition, compensation & benefits, compliance, and information management.

Prerequisite: None

The course introduces students to the internet as a complement to a traditional business. Students will learn how to integrate web marketing into the business plan and marketing strategy of the small business. The survey of topics will include effective websites, brand development, and online advertising. Customer privacy issues will also be discussed.

Prerequisite: BUS 150

This course introduces the student to the fundamentals of developing the talent and bettering the performance of the individuals within an organization. Students will learn the value of job training, education, and career development. This course addresses the importance of retention and preparation for company growth.

Prerequisite: None